Shelter & Housing

In an effort to better support those experiencing unsafe housing, sporadic homelessness, hoarding, or domestic abuse, Samaritan House Ministries looks for ways to support various stages of transition from homelessness to safe and secure housing. 

Mary's House

Mary’s House provides four second-stage safe housing units for women and their children who have been victims of domestic violence. This provides opportunity to women who need time beyond their stay in transition houses to make plans to live independently. Women and their 

children usually stay for up to 9 months and are involved in Mary’s House programs. Mary’s House employs a women’s counselor and a children’s counselor who work with families while they are in residence. Counselling services are also available to children who are not in residence.


Phone: 204-727-1268




Safe & Warm Shelter

The Safe & Warm Shelter is a 10-bed emergency shelter designated for adults who experience occasional homelessness. The shelter is fully staffed with trained support workers and security guards who ensure safety and assistance for clients. From November 2015 to March 2016, 61 homeless men and women stayed for a total of 457 safe and warm nights. By March 2016, 7 people transitioned from the shelter into their own home.



Hoarding Support Services

Do you:

Collect too many things?

Have trouble getting rid of things?

Have a hard time organizing?

Risk losing your home due to hoarding?


The Samaritan House Ministries Hoarding Support Services Program works to effectively address and relieve problematic hoarding and domestic squalor. With the problem of hoarding comes a very real risk of eviction from housing, increased risk of dangerous falls, and health problems due to excessive clutter. Our services help clients manage their clutter and get the emotional support they need to live safely. If you or someone you know is struglling with the dangers of hoarding or domestic squalor, please contact the Hoarding Support Services Coordinator for access to:

  • Assessments for in-home safety and risk

  • Strategies and support for decluttering, sorting, and organizing

  • Referrals to appropriate services

  • Assistance navigating social and health systems

  • Interim case management

  • Mental health consultation and emotional support

  • Support groups with others who struggle with hoarding and squalor

Buried in Treasures Workshop Series - Beginning Soon! 

The Buried in Treasures Workshop offers a scientifically based, effective program for helping those with hoarding disorder dig their way out of the clutter and chaos of their homes.  Written by scientists and practitioners who are leaders in studying and treating hoarding disorder, this workshop outlines a program of skill-building, learning to think about possessions in a different way, and gradual challenges to help people manage their clutter and their lives. 

Information Session - Early September at 1228 Rosser- Skill New Centre, Youth for Christ - More...


Phone: 204-721-9255



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